Our Team



Louise turned to yoga as a way of regaining balance in her life. Having suffered with anxiety, yoga helped her manage the physical and emotional symptoms that came with it. Conscious that mental health issues affect more and more of us each day, she decided to train as a yoga teacher in order to share the benefits with as many people as possible. Originally training in Ashtanga Vinyasa, Louise has since completed trainings in Yin Yoga and Pregnancy Yoga, bringing a focused and balanced approach to all her classes. 




Ruben started training in ballet at the age of 10. He became a professional ballet dancer performing the entire classical and contemporary repertoire with companies such as Bavarian state ballet and the national ballet of Portugal touring across the world. When training with Ruben expect to improve your technique, feel muscles you have never used before, strengthen the entire body, lengthen the lines, improve your flexibility and dance!



Catherine has a deep love of body movement and a creative approach to yoga with strong and graceful sequencing allowing body and mind to flow with ease in a safe environment, inspired by her passion for dance. Catherine has taken trainings and workshops in both London and New York and continues to further her knowledge and education. 

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Sally is a curious explorer of breath, mind and body practices inspired by the Yoga tradition. She delivers creative and considerate classes that emphasise fluidity through the breath, creating shapes and making space. Sally loves the aspects of the practice that allows us to take in tiny details and notice subtle changes within the body and beyond.



Rebecca is originally from the states. Dancing all her life, Pilates played an essential part in supporting her practice. Training in her teens with a contemporary ballet company, whilst struggling with scoliosis and asymmetry in the body, Pilates became essential to maintaining core strength and alignment.



Yolande teaches yoga vinyasa specialising in pregnancy and postnatal health, as well as teaching yoga she is also a recognised Doula with Doula UK and an Active Birth Teacher. Her focus is teaching a safe but challenging class aiming to cultivate a feeling of balance, freedom and grace. Her intention is to create a space for her students to simply be with what is and to meet each individual with where they are at, whether a beginner or a seasoned yogi.

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Kirsty always turned to yoga and meditation as a way of managing a modern, stressful city life. Run-down and overworked, yoga opened her up physically, energetically and mentally. Kirsty's yoga training exposed her to many different styles and lineages of yoga including Sivanada, Jivamukti, Ashtanga, Prana Flow and Tripsicore. Kirsty draws upon all of them to create classes that trigger the positive mindset of "flow state". Breath control, or pranayama, is an important part of her own practise and classes, exploring techniques that can be used on and off the mat to help with stress and anxiety. Kirsty continues to research yoga philosophy and new science based on the mind, body and consciousness, weaving it into her challenging classes.



Lauren teaches yoga to bring soulful movement and mindfulness to every body. She leads Vinyasa flow classes that allow the body to move fluidly, empowering students to express poses in their unique way in a compassionate and fun environment. Her journey through yoga has been deeply influenced by the Jivamukti school, and her classes encourage the mind, body and spirit into the practice fully. Lauren is passionate about the benefits that meditation and modern mindfulness can bring to our society.



Lydiana was first introduced to yoga at the age of 14 and fell in love with it. With over 10 years experience in Ashtanga and Vinyasa flow, she has learnt that with more strength brings less flexibility and more flexibility brings less strength! Yoga is all about balance and this is something she is reminded of everytime she steps on the mat. Her classes bring exactly this.



Eve qualified as a Level Three Matwork Pilates Instructor in 2015 with Body Control Pilates. She started practicing Pilates in 2008 whilst training at the Centre of Advanced Training at Laban in Contemporary Dance. She then went on to study Acting at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, graduating in 2012. Eve works as Pilates instructor in London and is based in Leytonstone.



Claudia is a dancer, yoga teacher and massage therapist who believes that movement is a medicine. Her dance practice is deeply embedded into the classes she holds, with focus on precise alignment and breath work. Expect to strengthen, lengthen and improve your posture.



David originally came to Yoga as a meditator, seeking relief from his hectic London life, this soon led to Asana and he never turned back, finding a love for dynamic practice David soon saw the benefits, weight loss, increased flexibility, more strength, and a beautiful deepening of his meditation practice. All this led to David abandoning his London life and travelling to India to deepen his practice and become a teacher. Now a 500-hour Yoga Alliance Professionals registered teacher, trained in Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa, and Yin yoga. David offers a breath-focused, dynamic class incorporating longer holds and mixing traditional style with creative flow, to give a fully rounded complete experience that enables students to find expansion physically and internally.



Fabia trained as a dancer at London Studio Centre, graduating with a BA Hons degree in theatre dance. Since graduating Fabia has worked both professionally as a dancer whilst gaining qualifications as a personal trainer and fitness instructor. She has gained experience working at some of the top London studios and brings her energy and expertise to each class she teaches



Samantha’s classes are slow-flowing, energising and uplifting, but with a strong sense of grounding and serenity. She loves the grace of Vinyasa, the precision of Iyengar, as well as the grounding of Yin. Driven to teach after witnessing that the highs of a fast, busy, bright city life, can inevitably be matched with lows, both draining and exhausting. After spending 5 years touring in bands and living in hotels and tour vans, Samantha found yoga after a strong urge to be grounded and feel home. Music is another driving force of her classes, and remains a huge part of her life, therefore practice. She believes the music she chooses, can make people relate, identify, and feel connected, bringing yoga into the 21st century, into a western world. If this makes people stop, breathe, and slow down, then she is happy!